Farmers welcome widespread rain

Bob Sinclair, who lives at Berangabah Station in the far south of the Cobar Shire, is smiling broadly after he received 21mm of rain last week.

Bob said the widespread rain was “tremendous”.

“I’m looking at my two house tanks which are full and lots of other tanks on the place have water in them too.

“The rain has really helped to lift people’s spirits. It’s the biggest autumn break we’ve had in years,” Bob said.

The north west of the shire also had positive news to report, with Belinda Blake of Merrylands Station recording 20mm last Thursday, a good follow-up to the 69mm they measured over Easter.

“This is most significant rain we’ve had since about November 2017. There have been times we’ve been so close to running out of water,” she said.

“Although it may look green now, it certainly isn’t drought breaking,” Belinda said.

Kathy Barnes from Shindy’s Inn in Louth said they’ve had significant rain over the last month with the Darling River starting to look better.

“We had four inches (100mm in the new scale) over the Easter break then another inch last week,” Cathy reported.

The Nicholsons of Nymagee’s Glenwood and Yarroma Stations had 22mm and 38mm respectively over the Easter weekend and a further 25mm in last week’s downpour.

“Most tanks, not all, are now full,” Matt Nicholson said.