Cobar Shire to switch to ePlanning for lodging DA’s

Cobar Shire Council will soon join the rest of NSW in streamlining its development applications (DA’s) processes through the NSW Planning Portal.
This means the days of lodging your applica-tion paperwork directly with the Council will become a thing of the past.
Council aims to have the ePlanning portal up and running by the beginning of July.
The NSW Planning Portal will provide build-ers, developers and mum-and-dad applicants alike with a single, transparent space for build-ing and development approvals.
The ePlanning platform offers an online tool where people can access planning services and lodge and track the progress of applications from anywhere, at any time.
To help transition the community to the new online system, Cobar Shire Council will offer a sit-down service (by appointment) to support applicants who want assistance with the lodge-ment, referral, and payment process.
Through Council’s new ePlanning Kiosk, staff will be able to help applicants create their own digital footprint and show them how to track their application’s progress through the NSW Planning Portal.
In particular, the service will focus on help-ing those one-time applicants, mum-and-dad developers and any residents who need assis-tance creating email addresses and NSW Plan-ning Portal accounts, in addition to filling in the online application and making sure the correct documents are lodged for Council to assess their proposals.
Council also has resources available for builders and developers who will begin navi-gating the NSW Planning Portal to lodge mul-tiple applications.
The ePlanning Kiosk has been made possible with the help of the NSW Government, which has freed up $4.8 million in funds for more than 90 regional councils across the state to aid the roll-out.
All NSW councils are required to use the NSW Planning Portal to lodge development applications and complying development cer-tificates by July, in line with the Premier’s 2019 mandate.
Council’s Planning and Environmental Ser-vices department staff will be available by appointment to assist with applications from next month.
To find out more about the application pro-cess contact Council during business hours or visit the NSW Planning Portal for information on a range of services, including registering an account at