Council Babes win grand final

Confident shooting and outstanding defence helped the Council Babes to a grand final win in the Indoor Netball competition at the youth centre on Monday night.

Council Babes worked hard for their spot in Monday night’s grand final game, having finished third in the overall competition.

They came up against the Sharpe Shooters who’d been strong all season but surprisingly it was the Council Babes who took an early lead which grew as the match went on.

Strong shooting by Janette Booth and Nikki Gilbert had given their Council Babes team a
9-5 advantage at the end of the first quarter.

Player of the Grand Final, Council Babes’ defender, Demi Smith, was also in sensational form at the other end of the court and her multiple intercepts gave her team extra opportunities at goal.

Both teams had full benches and Sharpe Shooters tried a number of different player combinations to try and rein in the deficit.

Rachael Hadkins moved from defending to shooting which gave Sharpe Shooter a tall target under their ring however Council Babes also made compensations.

The third quarter was a hard slog for both teams and the scoring slowed as the ball see-sawed from end to end as the mid court players on both teams worked hard to turn the ball over.

With a 10 goal lead going into the final quarter, Booth’s confidence in the ring was evident and she was popping in shots from all around the circle. Council Babes finished the match with a comfortable 32-19 win.

Presentations followed and included best and fairest awards for the competition which went to Laura Ah-See, Alison Pearson and Regena Nasser.