Club decides to hold off on amalgamation

Services Club staff Kristen Kenny and Linda Carter with the club’s new courtesy bus which is expected to bring more patrons into the club.

After seeing an improved bottom line over the past four months and increased patronage, Cobar Services Club members have voted to hold off on plans for amalgamation.

At the club’s annual general meeting in October last year, members determined that amalgamation with a ‘parent club’ was the only viable option.

At that meeting, chairman Fred Geldof reported that while the club was not in arrears on any loans or trades debtors and had no problems with cash flow, it was however only “treading water”.

Mr Geldof said the club could pay its bills, however it was not in a position to make any improvements and move forward.

The full financial position of the club was however unknown at the AGM as the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 audited financial reports were not available.

The two financial reports, which have since been completed, were presented to members at an extraordinary general meeting on Sunday.

Club secretary/manager Linda Carter said following discussions on the financial reports and on the improved profit and loss figures over the past four months, the meeting determined that further amalgamation talks would be put on hold.

“The last few months have shown an increase in trade and in membership to the club,” Linda reported.

“And now with the courtesy bus in use we feel it will bring more people into the club who will stay longer due to being able to get home safely.

“Club member Claud Parisi has worked tirelessly to get a bus for the club and approached a number of local businesses for donations to help make this happen.”

She said they will track the courtesy bus traffic over the next six months and see what benefit it brings to the club.

Linda said as part of earlier amalgamation talks, a city-based club donated secondhand furniture and has also offered further assistance with making improvements to the club.

She said the club will continue to accept their offer of help/assistance and advised the offer comes with “no strings attached” in regards to any future amalgamation plans.

“The club is a community asset and we will try and keep it that way for as long as we can.

“We do appreciate the support from the community and our members to keep the club a viable concern,” Linda said.

“We will report back to our members at our 2024 AGM in October.”