Cadets celebrate a busy year of helping the local community

The Cobar 221 Cadets Unit recently held their formal Dining-In event at the Services Club to acknowledge and award their top performing cadets of the year

The Cobar 221 Cadets recently celebrated their 27th anniversary of operating a youth service with a formal Dining In night.

Cadet Sergeant James Martin earned the Boucher Shield this year as the Highest Overall Achiever while Cadet Sergeant Brooklyn Mackay collected the Cartner Family Shield as the Most Outstanding Cadet of 2019.

Cadet Riley Bottom received the Best Attendance Award and Cadet Corporal Nash Shephard earned the Navigation Award as Most Improved. Cadet Braiden Jones collected The Boot Shield as the Most Outstanding Cadet at the Annual Field Exercises.

Cadet Elias Aumua was chosen for the 2019 Trained Soldier award as the unit’s cadet who is a stand-out in all areas of training.

Cadet Corporal Sandie Mitchell earned the Dress & Bearing award for always appearing neat and tidy.

The Greenie Award went to Cadet Lieutenant Corporal Marley Jones for being a cadet who is always there to help others.

The Drill Award, sponsored by Cobar Mining Contractors, for the cadet with the highest achievement in Drill throughout the year, went to Cadet Braiden Jones.

The Most Improved Cadet of 2019 was Cadet Joseph Neale while the Bone Award (for a cadet with a never ending appetite) went to Cadet Corporal Nash Shephard.

The unit’s commanding officer Captain Colleen Boucher (AAC) said it’s been a very busy year for the unit of 14 cadets, which range in age from 13 to 18 years.

“Our main focus has been on First Aid and earning Senior First Aid certificates,” Captain Boucher said.

She said Lloyd Brooks from the Royal Flying Doctor Service has been working with cadets and all have earned their Senior First Aid certificates.

She said their training was put into good use when the cadets carried out the first aid duties at the Night for our Farmers Shannon Noll concert. The cadets also all passed their Defence Swim Tests.

Other events the cadets have been involved in this past year include: Australia Day celebrations, the Cobar Clay Target Club’s Golden Clay shoot, the Services Club’s Day on the Green concert, Lilliane Brady Village fete and Anzac Day and Remembrance Day services.