Closest Squalley competition ever

This year’s Squalleyball competition, played at the youth centre on Thursday nights, is one of the closest competitions ever.

Two matches were played tit-for-tat last week with both encounters not decided until the fifth set.

Team Baz eventually finished with a narrow 3-2 win over Tri Nations and What Ever held out for their 3-2 win over Keg on Legs.

Team Baz took the first game 22-20 before Tri Nations hit back to win the second 21-15.

Team Baz bounced back with a 21-16 win in the third game before Tri Nations claimed a 22-20 win of the fourth game.

Team Baz eventually took out the fifth game decider winming 21-16.

What Ever came from behind to win their match against Keg on Legs 3-2.

Keg on Legs cruised to a 21-15 win in the opening game before What Ever hit back to take the second game, 21-16.

Keg on Legs were big nine point winners of the third set before What Ever grabbed a two point win in the fourth set.

Once again the fifth set would be the decider, and it didn’t disappoint with What Ever eventually finishing with a 21-19 win.

The third match of the round last week was a one-sided affair which Kamikaze Pilots easily won 5-0.

They dominated the court and barely let Impossibles into the game with the closest rally coming in the fifth set, which the Pilots won