Carswell and Toomey team up to claim Yabbies trophy

The Cobar Yabbies Brace Relay champions of the 2021/2022 season were decided on
Tuesday night at the Cobar Memorial Swimming Pool with John Carswell and Scott
Toomey claiming the winner’s trophy.

The Cobar Yabbies Senior Men’s Swimming
Club 2021/2022 season came to an
end on Tuesday night.
As is tradition on the final night, the Brace
Relay competition was held with the champions,
John Carswell and Scott Toomey, finishing
with an overall time of just 8.56 seconds
off their nominated times for the five events.
Murray Harland and Bob Clark got off to a
great start winning the first event, the 2x 50m
relay, after finishing within 0.37 seconds of
their nominated time. (Carswell and Toomey
also had a good start, with 1.09 seconds off
their time in third place.)
The champions however hit a hurdle in the
noodle race and finished 4th with 3.34 seconds
off their time, well behind the race winners,
Bill Fugar and Chris Powell with 1.84
off their time.
Carswell and Toomey regained some
ground in collecting the coins off the bottom
of the pool event finishing second with 4.53
behind Harland and Clark on 4.34.
The writing however was pretty much on
the wall when Carswell and Toomey won the
Arms Race with 5.06 seconds off their time
and three seconds better than the rest of the
A five second win in the Slide Ride helped
to get the trophy engraved with the pair finishing
the five events with an eight second overall
lead over Stephen Clark and Jason Toomey
with Fugar and Powell back in third place.
The spoils were shared around at last Tuesday’s
swim which was the final chance for
championship points.
Matt Harland threw down the gauntlet in the
opening event, the 30 metres handicapped
freestyle swim, and swam spot on his nominated
time to win from Bill Fugar, second
with 0.04 seconds off his nominated time, and
narrowly back in third place was Chris Powell
Lucas Hardy brought the heat in the 50m
swim to claim a narrow 0.01 second win over
Scott Toomey. Hardy clocked 0.15 seconds
off his time while Toomey finished with 0.16.
Further back in third place was Paul Swainston
with 0.40 seconds off his nominated time.
Stephen Clark blitzed the 100m field to win
with 0.03 seconds off his nominated time.
The real race was between second and third
with Swainston claiming second (0.41) and
Toomey was third (0.43).
Swainston was back on the podium after he
teamed up with Murray Harland to win the
Brace Relay (side stroke) novelty event.