Brytt lands her “dream job” working at the Youthie

Brytt Moore commenced her “dream job” on Monday as Cobar Shire Council’s new
Youth Development & Community Services Coordinator. Brytt will be based at the
Youthie, which is currently undergoing a refurbishment, and so it will still be a few more
weeks before she can move into her new office.

When the opportunity recently came up to
apply for her “dream job” managing the
Cobar Youth & Fitness Centre (‘Youthie’),
local Brytt Moore jumped at it.
Brytt has worked at Cobar Shire Council for
five years, including the past three years in the
role of Grants Officer.
Brytt said while she had enjoyed the work,
the opportunity to apply for the Youth Development
& Community Services Coordinator
position was too good to pass up.
“I have actually looked up to the ‘Youthie’
coordinator role as being a dream job for years.
“When it came up, I realised there was a real
opportunity for me to not only get my ‘dream’
role, but also to be in a position that has the
opportunity to make a real difference in Cobar
– which I think is what pulled me towards applying,”
Brytt said.
“I am super passionate about two key words
in my new job title, ‘Youth’ and the
“I have lived in Cobar my whole life, and
some would say this may be a ‘sheltered’ life,
or that I need to ‘get out’, but I have been out, I
have travelled, and I have worked overseas.
“I love travelling, and working in the US was
something that helped shape who I am today.
“It also made me appreciate some of the
smaller things Cobar has to offer,” Brytt said.
“Cobar is my passion, and I strongly believe
we need to help shape the youth of Cobar.
“These children and adolescents are who will
be ‘Cobar’ in a few years, so combining the
two (Community and Youth) just makes sense.
“If the youth of Cobar come to love their
community like I do, we will hopefully have
passionate and committed teens and young
adults, who will genuinely want to put back
into our community what they get out of it.
“With any luck, their drive and passion will
see them stay in Cobar and continue to work
and live here for many years to come.”
Council’s director of finance and community
services Kym Miller said Brytt’s internal transfer
will leave a gap in their projects team while
they recruit for a replacement Grants Officer.
“We are however genuinely happy about
Brytt’s appointment and what she will bring to
this role,” Kym told The Cobar Weekly.
The experience and skills Brytt has gained
working in a number of different roles over the
years ticks all the criteria needed for her new
Five years experience as the Kubby House
Child Care director has given her the skills to
work collaboratively with staff, youth, parents,
committee members and the wider community.
Brytt’s proven track record in the coordination
and running of a number of recent community
and youth events also hold her in good
stead for this role.
She’s also recently started studying a Diploma
of Youth Work.
“Her passion for Cobar, particularly opportunities
for our youth; local knowledge; customer
focus; and proven commitment to providing
new and improving existing services for our
community will see her succeed in this role,”
Kym said.
“It’s a big job, but we know Brytt will put
her heart and soul into it, just as she does with
everything she puts her hand to.”
Both Brytt and Council both see staffing the
centre as being Brytt’s biggest challenge in her
new role.
“Every business is struggling for staff at the
moment and we hope we can recruit the ‘right
people’ who share our vision of how amazing
this centre can be.
“I’m really, really, really excited!” she said.