Young and old share their wisdom on Grandparents’ Day

The “Ask Me Anything” session at the Cobar Youth & Fitness Centre on Sunday brought many laughs as local families interviewed each other. Pictured are three generations: Shirley Fisher with her great grandson Jaxon Burke and daughter Sharon Moore with emcee Stephen Poulter and Kay Stingemore asking an interview question. Contributed

“Ask Me Anything” was the invitation for the Grandparents’ Day event on Sunday as part of the Festival of the Miner’s Ghost activities, and ‘anything’ was certainly asked. 

The audience was entertained by stories, received the wisdom of the elders, and also the wisdom of the young.

Among the questions asked were: “Who was the first person you kissed?  And what was it like?”  and “Who is your favourite grandchild?”

There was some insight into life then and now with a discussion on what had changed and what was good about any changes.

Two of the grandmothers were asked if they could change one thing about modern life, what would that be and their answers were:  “Get rid of mobile phones, they ruin communication” and “Make it so mothers can stay home with their children if they want, instead of having to go to work.”

At afternoon tea, the stories and memories continued, and so did the laughter.

It is hoped that more events like this will be held in the future.

The event was sponsored by NSW Grandparents’ Day.—contributed