Yench has plenty of plans for Cobar

Cr Peter Yench has put forward four notices of motion for discussion at tomorrow’s Ordinary Council Meeting.

In one motion, Cr Yench is once again calling on councillors to support his idea of combining the Cobar Memorial Swimming Pool, Cobar Youth & Fitness Centre and Cobar Shire & TAFE Library into one facility.

Cr Yench has advocated for a number of years that if council facilities were combined there was the potential to earn greater income from them and to “cut our losses”.

Another motion to tomorrow’s council meeting by Cr Yench is that all works on Council’s parks and gardens cease.

Cr Yench said it is unfair for work to be carried out on many of council’s parks and gardens when Morelli Park (situated between Kurrajong Circle and Yarran Circle) has been neglected by council.

Cr Yench is also concerned about visitors free camping in the parking lot behind the youth and fitness centre saying “what is occurring at the moment is unhygienic, unhealthy, unsafe and unlawful” and has called for a decision to be made on an alternate camping area within the shire.

The fourth motion Cr Yench has put forward for tomorrow’s meeting is for the installation of a pedestrian crossing at the intersection
of Marshall and Barton streets citing that “there had been a number of accidents and near misses of pedestrians” including one fatality.