Year 12 bids school a formal farewell

The Cobar High School Year 12 Class of 2017 attended their final school function last Wednesday night and they definitely weren’t wearing their school uniforms. Before their farewell dinner at the Cobar Bowling & Golf Club, the students assembled at the Great Cobar Heritage Centre dressed in their best formal attire for their official photos. Pictured are (back) Padraic McElhone, Chris Harrison, Jacob Manns, Charlee Davis-Banks, Chloe Coleman, Emily Carswell, Stephanie Mitchell, Year Advisor Kym Sutton, Keely Gordon, Katherine Dennis, Jessica Nicholson, Grace Proudlove, Britney-Lee Fazulla, Zainab Khan, Joel Nash, Ashley Trudgett, Andrew Rorke, (front) Drea Dowling-Allen, Caleb Finney, Owen Potter, Jye Robinson, Connor McLeod, and Patrick Hallcroft. Photo contributed