Wild weather causes havoc in Cobar and across the west

Wild weather late on Saturday afternoon caused havoc in Cobar (and also in towns across western NSW) with the Bureau of Meteorology recording wind gusts of up to 91km/hr for Cobar just after 5pm.

Surprisingly the NSW State Emergency Services (SES) Cobar Unit only had one call for assistance after the storm ripped through the town.

Cobar SES unit commander Helen Boddy reports while there was considerable damage caused by the storm to a number of homes, the only call for assistance the Cobar unit had was to help with an uprooted tree that had landed on a neighbour’s roof.

The storm brought with it 10mm of rain with another 1.2mm also recorded by the Bureau over Friday and Saturday.

That looks like it for rain though with this week set to be mostly sunny and only very slight chances of rain are predicted for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

After a cool start to yesterday morning, when the temperature dropped to just 12 degrees at 6am, the forecast for today is sunny with a top of 31, 35 is predicted for tomorrow and 31 again on Friday.

The weekend is looking good for getting out in the garden with 26 the predicted maximum for Saturday and 29 is the expected top for both Sunday and Monday.

After another cool night last night, the evenings will be warmer for the week ahead before the temperature drops to a predicted minimum of 14 overnight on Saturday and 15 on Sunday.

Saturday afternoon’s thunderstorm brought 91km/hour winds which saw trees uprooted (including the one above at a home on Woodiwiss Avenue), branches and debris were thrown about along with damage to fences, roofs, play equipment, garden furniture (and tents at the swimming carnival).