Who is the typical Cobar resident?

The 2016 Australian Census data revealed the typical Australian is a 38 year old female, but who is a typical Cobarian, and how do we differ from the national average?

According to this year’s Census figures, the typical Cobarian is a 35 year old male; although Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders in Cobar are more likely to be female which is in line with the Australian average.

The typical Cobarian has Australian heritage while the typical Australian has English heritage.

The typical migrant in Australia is a 44 year old female born in England whereas the
average migrant in Cobar is also female but aged between 25 and 44 and hails from New Zealand.

The typical Cobarian rents their dwelling, as opposed to the typical Australian who owns their home with a mortgage.

Year 12 is the highest level of education obtained by the typical Australian, while the average Cobarian has only completed Year 10.

The typical male Australian does up to five hours of unpaid domestic work per week; where as Cobar males are more likely to do five to 14 hours per week.

Both typical Australian and Cobarian females do between five to 14 hours of unpaid domestic work per week.

The typical Cobarian matches the typical Australian in a few areas including: being  most likely to be born in Australia; speaking English at home; we are married; have two children, and are living in a three bedroom house with two motor vehicles.

Other interesting median data on the people living in the Cobar region is that we are most likely to earn $755 of personal income
per week and $2,070 of family income per week.

Cobarians pay an average of $1,300 a month on mortgage repayments or $170 a week on rent.

In Cobar we have 0.8 of a person living in our houses per bedroom and we have an average of 2.4 people living in our homes.