Wettest month in years boosts spirits

It’s not only the local farmers who were pleased with the rain on Sunday with 19 month old Jason Doherty also thrilled to be able to put on his
gumboots and splash in some puddles.

Cobar and surrounding districts have again been blessed with more rain this month with several properties recording more than 50mm on Sunday.

Officially Cobar Meteorological Office recorded 25.8mm in the 24 hours to 9am Sunday, taking the total for this month to 73.4mm, a figure not seen in Cobar for a number of years.

Marie Johnson at Glenhope Station, 15km east of Cobar, recorded 51mm, which was on top of the 124mm they received earlier in the month.

Marie told The Cobar Weekly that all the tanks on their property were already full from the earlier rain.

“There’s a green tinge coming through but the ground is still very dry,” she said.

“Sunday’s rain washed the top soil off and, with water gushing through the house yard, there was not one bit of dry area.

“I feel like it’s going to rain again,” Marie said.

Further east near Canbelego at Restdown Station the Geppert family, who had received 110mm earlier in the month, recorded a further 27mm on Sunday.

Rikki Allen at Nullogoola Station, 45km west of Cobar, welcomed 24mm of rain, which was on top of the 20mm the property got at the start of the month.

Jillian and Dominic Prince at Lachlan Downs, 80km south of Cobar, were pleased with their 66mm.

“We had missed out on the previous falls so we’re feeling very grateful,” Jillian said.

The weekend’s rain also kept temperatures mild, with a top of just 23.8 degrees recorded on Sunday.

There is the slight chance of some more rain today with a possible thunderstorm this afternoon, although it may be accompanied with raised dust.

Tomorrow should be sunny with a top of 29 degrees while Friday is also expected to be sunny, reaching a top of 32 after a low of 15.

Saturday is expected to be warm and sunny, reaching a top of 34, while there is a very slight chance of some rain on Sunday with a top of 35 forecast.