Walkers come out of the darkness for suicide support

A group of locals gathered at the Newey early last Thursday morning for the Out of the Darkness walk which aimed to start conversations and provide support for those who have been touched by suicide. ▪ Photo contributed

A group of locals participated in an Out of the Darkness Walk at the Newey Reserve last Thursday morning.

Jody McCabe, a Cobar Suicide Prevention care coordinator working with the NSW
Outback Division of General Practice, coordinated the event to coincide with R U OK Day.

“We had 15 people participate, which is great for a new event and for such an
early time of day (6.30am),” Ms McCabe said.

“The kilometre long walk was a great platform for people participating to start conversations in a safe space and support each, whether it be for themselves or someone they care about, that is currently struggling with mental ill health which was the main aim of the activity.

“Out of the Darkness is multi-dimensional in its symbolism, walking from the dark
and emerging into the light, represents
overcoming the struggle from being in a
dark place, hope for a new day and shining
a light on awareness,” Ms McCabe explained.

“The walk was peaceful and refreshing and ended with a delicious breakfast and more conversations that gave everyone a wonderful start to their busy days.”

Ms McCabe said she’s been encouraged to now make the walks a monthly event and  welcomes all members of our community to go along.