Volunteers want to give back to the Cobar community

Hard working Vinnies volunteers Bev O’Brien and Lenny Fitton at the shop last week.

Lenny Fitton may not have been born in Cobar and while he spent the past 50 years living in a number of different towns, he has always thought of himself as a ‘Cobar boy’.

“I have lots of good memories of growing up in Cobar,” he said.

Lenny and his family moved to Cobar in the early 1950s where he grew up, went to school and later started his first job at the Post Office.

He moved away and earned his living as a publican for 27 years working for a couple of different breweries and then spent the last 10 years of his working life at a Bunnings store.

“It’s an Australian company and a great place to work,” he said.

Following his recent retirement, Len moved back to Cobar last year, bought a house and did some work on it.

This year he found he had some time on his hands so he’s decided to help others.

In addition to doing some odd jobs for any seniors who need a bit of hand about the house, Lenny’s also started volunteering at the Vinnies store.

He’s only been there about a month but already fellow Vinnies volunteer Bev O’Brien is calling him a “godsend”.

“He’s a quick learner and a great help,” Bev said.

“I just do whatever I’m told to do,” Lenny said.

In addition to working at Vinnies three days a week Lenny is also keen to become a Meals on Wheels volunteer.

“I just help people out where they need it. I don’t want any accolades,” he said.

“It keeps me busy every day of the week.”

Lenny also keeps himself busy researching his family tree and finding old photos relating to Cobar.

“I search online for them in museums and libraries.”

Lenny was thrilled to have found a photo of a local Cobar man in a trench in Korea during the war, which his family had never seen before.

“They were over the moon,” he said.

And that’s the same response he’s been getting from lots more locals who love Lenny’s Facebook posts of Cobar memories.