Touch produces two great grand finals

Senior touch grand final winners, Blue Berries

The Cobar Touch Football Competition produced two great
grand finals at Ward Oval last Thursday night with the Seniors
game an absolute thriller which was tied up at 4-all with a minute
left to play in the match.
It looked like extra time was going to be needed to find a winner
between the Blue Berries and the Green Bwions, however with just
30 seconds left on the clock, the Blue Berries scored to seal the
The Green Bwoins had held the upper hand in the first half of the
game with Damon Bruce scoring a hat trick of tries to give the
Bwoins a 3-0 lead at half time.
Bruce scored again in the second half while Henry Rogers
crossed twice and Maddie Bruce touched down for the Blue Berries
to level the scores.
Both sides fought desperately for the win and a pass off by Player
of the Grand Final, Jamal Eves, to team mate Elleise Woodbridge,
who crossed to score with 30 seconds left to play, sealed Blue Berries
6-4 win. (Female tries are worth double points.)
In the Juniors grand final, the Blue Smurfs had plenty of possession
in the first half to take a 3-1 lead with Mason King running in
two tries and Darcy Sylvester scored one.
Jaxon Waugh also touched down for The Big Pineapples.
Despite having the bulk of possession in the second half, The Big
Pineapples however were unable to improve on their score as the
Blue Smurfs defended desperately to hold on to their lead.
Three second half tries by Player of the Grand Final, Rowdy Barton,
gave the Blue Smurfs a 6-1 win on the final whistle.
End of season presentations followed each of the games.
In the Juniors competition, Smurfs’ Harpa Martin, with nine tries
was the leading Female Try Scorer while the Rangas’ George
McDonald had the Most Tries for the boys with 15.
Juniors Best and Fairest Female was The Big Pineapples’ Lila
Armstrong while the Best and Fairest Male was Riley Bruce from
the Rangas.
In the Seniors competition, Elleise Woodbridge (Blue Berries)
was the highest female try scorer of the season with 13, while Kai
Taylor (Green Bwoins) was the highest male try scorer with a massive
total of 28.
The season’s Best and Fairest Female was Cora McKervey (from
the Red Termites) and the Best and Fairest Male was Parker Cryer
(Blue Berries).
The committee is grateful for the help they received this season
from volunteer referees, first aid officers, parent helpers and scorers.