Thumpers and Razorbacks big winners

The RSL Thumpers and the Occ Razorbacks both were big winners in the local darts competition last Wednesday night.

RSL Thumpers won their game 9-2 over the Golfie Gophers while Occ Razorbacks also trounced the Grand Roosters 9-2.

In direct contrast the match between Golfie Spearchuckers and the Western Benchwarmers was a close one with Golfie Spearchuckers finishing with a 6-5 victory.

RSL Try Hards won their game on a forfeit from Western Chalkeez.

The biggest scores of the week were thrown by Matt Bennett with 156, Ben Trudgett with 140 and Steve Motton also threw 140 (twice).

Hundred plus scores were recorded by: George Greer 100, Maurice Bell 100, Don Roberts 110, Latisha Bennett 100, Les Hooker 100, Paul Cohen 100, Graeme Fridd 121, Rod Coleman 115, Damien Hawes 101, Kylie Tiffen 100, Charlie Douglas 121, Damien Pumpa 115, Brett Miller 100, Steve Motton 100 100, Darryl Burton 100, Tadgh Waugh 100 121 118 and Mathew Klopper 121 100.

The men’s highest peg was 110 thrown by Don Roberts.

The women’s highest peg was 28 thrown by Kylie Tiffen.