The Cobar Sheepdog Trials four day competition to go ahead

The Cobar Sheepdog Trial Association held a meeting last Tuesday to call for volunteers to start planning next month’s event.

Association member Emily Knight said so far the group has only had an inaugural meeting and a meeting to call for volunteers.

“In the inaugural meeting we established to first hold a Cobar Sheepdog Trial, as per the dates given to us by the NSW Sheepdog Workers Incorporation, whom we are affiliated with.

“To enable local people to enter without having to be part of any State Sheepdog Workers Associations, we are hoping that locals will get behind the event and to let people give it a go.

“We appointed positions to get the committee up and running, to get the ball rolling for us because of the short time frame,” she said.

The group’s president is Peter Miller and the vice-president is Paul Elliott.

Ms Knight is the secretary and treasurer and the general committee includes: Amy Barraclough, Jarrod Barraclough, Robert Miller and Robyn Elliott. The junior committee includes Molly and Aiden Barraclough.

Ms Knight said they will hold an annual general meeting later in the year so they can get an early start for next year.

She said they only had two people turn up to the recent volunteer meeting and were disappointed there wasn’t more interest shown.

“However we have had a lot of people contact us because they couldn’t make it to the meeting, and are able to help out which is great,” Ms Knight said.

“At this stage we are going to be running the Farmers Trial, Open Trial, Improver Trial, Novice Trial and Encouragement Trial.

“There will also be Dog High Jump and once again Landmark Russell will be holding the Dog Auction on the Saturday afternoon,” she said.

Ms Knight said the support and generosity of many local businesses has been over whelming with Landmark Russell, KML Industries Pty Ltd,  Peak Gold Mines, WesTrac Pty Ltd, Cobar Masonry & Engineering, M & C Parisi Motorcycles, Glencore CSA Mine, the Empire Hotel, the John Mitchell Pharmacy, Ces’ Motor Trimming, Cobar Pharmacy, Country Simplicity, CB Tyres and Stationery Essentials all offering sponsorship.

“In the coming week the program will be going out, and posters will start going up!” Ms Knight said.