Team Baz wins a thriller game

A thriller of a game was played out in the Squalleyball competition last Thursday at the youth centre.

Team Baz, who have a couple of seasons of competition under their belts, eventually overcame the new Kershaws combination winning three games to two.

Kershaws won the opener 21-19 and Team Baz took the next two games 21-16 and 21-18.

The two sides both fought hard in the fourth game which had to go into extra time and Kershaws came out with a 23-21 win.

Team Baz finished strongly and closed out the match with a 21-15 victory in the final game.

BNB bounced back from their 0-5 loss the previous week to competition leaders, Kamikaze Pilots, and last week inflicted their own
5-0 drubbing on Impossibles.

BNB dominated play from start to finish with their biggest winning margin, 17 points, coming in the third game.

Jets also had a 5-0 win in their match against Herbie’s.

While their first two games were close contests, 21-17 and 21-18, Herbie’s “dropped the ball” in the third game and were soundly beaten 4-21 before bouncing back to post better scores in the final two games.

Kamikaze Pilots soared to a 5-0 win in their match last week with Whatever.

The Pilots had a full side this week and inflicted plenty of damage on Whatever with
21-10, 21-7, 21-10, 21-11 and 21-10 wins in their five games.