Susie’s back doing what she loves, helping local people























The number one thing that Susie Loughran likes doing is helping people and she’s now back in the right place where she’ll be able to do  that six days a week.

It’s been eight years since Susie finished up as the retail manager at The John Mitchell Pharmacy when she decided she and son Kyle would benefit from a move to Orange (where she managed another pharmacy for the same owners).

“I promised them two years, which I did, but it was the community I missed out here (and so did Kyle) so we moved back,” Susie told The Cobar Weekly.

When she returned to Cobar Susie worked in a number of roles in the mining industry before she was recently “head-hunted” and offered her old job back at the pharmacy.

“I was thrilled,” Susie said.

“I’d worked at The John Mitchell Pharmacy for six years and it was such a great place to work.

“We had a really good staff and I’m proud to say we won the business awards twice while I was manager.”

Susie excitedly said she has lots of ideas for changes in the shop but said she will however need to get them vetoed by her new boss before going ahead.

“We used to sell a lot more variety of products, things like high end and low end makeup ranges; we used to have days where you could get your makeup done; we also sold a lot more in the gift range; and back then we had a permanent pharmacist.”

Susie said the pharmacy is currently being operated with locum pharmacists but they hope to be able to recruit a permanent pharmacist soon.

“We used to also have a focus on staff training and that will again be my focus as the manager, to ensure that our staff are well trained.

“I love the community, I love Cobar, I love to help people—it gives me great pleasure to help people, and this is a role where I can do that!” she said.