Summer went out with a bang

The calm after the storm on Thursday: local amateur photographer Jayde George
captured this cute pic of Archie Myer-Ryan playing in the puddles in the driveway.

Summer definitely went out with a big bang in Cobar last Thursday with some very wild weather recorded by the Bureau of Meteorology.

After the mercury topped out at a sweltering 41.8 degrees on our last day of summer (which the Bureau reports is one of our warmest on record), it was later followed by heavy rain and wild winds.

The Bureau recorded 16.4mm of rain in their weather station gauge while 17.2mm fell in their gauge at Cobar Airport on Thursday.

The winds got to 91km per hour at 3pm in town while the airport recorded their top wind speed of 70km, a bit later at 4.43pm.

The wild weather caused some damage with the local State Emergency Services (SES) unit called out to help residents in Murray Street, Becker Street and Bourke Street.

SES volunteer David Snelson reports while there wasn’t any major or life-threatening damage, fallen trees had however caused damage to the guttering to one home, broke the window of a vehicle and also fell on a clothesline.

He said some parts of the town seemed to “cop it” more than others.

He noticed in particular there were lots of broken tree limbs and water lying around on the Lerida Road.

Essential Energy crews were also busy after last week’s storm repairing a service line in Bathurst Street and removing tree branches from powerlines.

The storms were widespread across the region and a power outage in Nyngan at 5.45pm affected 225 customers in Cobar and Nyngan.

Essential Energy reports the storms damaged four poles on the 132,000-volt radial line between Nyngan and Cobar.

Essential Energy crews were able to isolate and repair the damage and power was restored to all impacted customers by 10.20am the following day…Full report in this week’s edition out now!