Students mark CHS 50th anniversary with time capsule

As part of Cobar High School’s 50 years celebrations last Tuesday, a time capsule with various school memorabilia was buried and is to be opened in 25 years time.

A special event was held at Cobar High School last week with students commemorating the school’s opening 50 years ago.

School principal Safija Bristina said the event was organised to acknowledge the significant part that the students have played in the school’s history.

Among the speakers was John Martin, one of the school’s first students, who commenced in 1966 and described the then-new facilities.

“No one had ever seen anything like that at a school in Cobar before,” he said.

“Thousands of students have passed through in the past 50 years and most have gone on to lead happy and successful lives.”

Past principal Sue Francisco spoke about her three decades of working with enthusiastic and dedicated teachers and staff, the improvements that were made to the school during her time, and the successes that some of the school’s former students have achieved in their careers.

“Many students have gone on to do wonderful things with their lives,” Mrs Francisco said.

“Don’t think being a student at Cobar High will stop you from achieving what you want to achieve. Work hard; you may have to take a different pathway to achieve what you want, but you can achieve.”