Students encouraged to take a stand against bullying

A human sign the size of a football field was a powerful way to get the ‘No bullying’ message across to school students. Photo contributed

Cobar schools and community members banded together on Friday to send a clear message that bullying is not okay.

The event at Ward Oval on Friday morning was organised by the Cobar Mental Health Network Group in support of the 8th National Day of Action against bullying and violence with footage from the day appearing that night on Prime 7 TV news.

Students from Cobar High School, Cobar Public School and St John’s were joined  by staff from Endeavor, CSA and Peak  Gold Mines, Flourish Australia, LiveBetter, Interrelate, Outback Division of General  Practice, CentaCare, Barnados, Royal Flying Doctor Service, McKillop, Cobar Police,
Cobar Shire Council, the Regional Australia Bank, Commonwealth Bank, the Cobar  Judo Club, parents and members of the community to create a human sign the size of a football field that said: ‘Cobar bullying, no way!’

Laura Ah-See, one of the day’s organisers from Interrelate, said the national day is a positive day of action that brings together school communities to help find solutions to address bullying and violence.

“Bullying can make us feel unsafe and unhappy,” Laura said.

“It stops us from being who we want to be.

“It can make it hard to learn and be with other people.

“If you are being bullied or you see bullying happening, do something!” she urged.

“Tell a teacher, parent or other adult or a friend who can help you.

“If you are bullying others, take the first step to stopping by getting help.”

Laura said if bullying is not challenged, it can create an environment where bad behaviour is accepted and where people feel powerless to stop it.

“Bullying can have a negative effect on everyone—it’s not just a problem for those who are being bullied. People who bully others need help to change.”

She said everyone has a role in creating safe and supportive places whether that’s at school, at home, in social media, during sport, in the workplace, in the community and online.

“Let’s take a stand together,” she urged.