Show pavilions showcase Cobar talent

Main Pavilion: chief steward Simonne Mackay reported that there was 835 entries from 187 exhibitors, including 166 Junior Fine Art entries (double the previous year).

The Most Successful Exhibitor in the Main Pavilion was Eva Halliger. Eva won the prize for the Most Successful in five sections which included Fruit & Eggs; Vegetables; Flowers; Floral Art Open; and Jams & Preserves.

Eva also won Champion Bloom of the Show and took home the Anne Evans Award for the most successful in the Jams section.

Mimi Clark took out the award for the Most Successful Junior Girl Exhibitor in the Main Pavilion, winning Most Successful in the 9-12 years age category for Junior Floral Art; Junior Photography; and Junior Fine Arts. Tyler Clark was the Most Successful Junior Boy Exhibitor.

Other major winners were Patricia Porter (Most Successful in Needlework; Handicraft; and Cross Stitch & Tapestry); Seigrid Peters (Novice Fine Art award; Excellence Award in the Fine Arts section); Carol Pritchard (Champion Rose); Simonne Mackay (Champion Red Rose); and Marlene Harland (Nan Evans Memorial Prize for Best Crochet Article).

Other Most Successful section winners for the senior categories were: Novice Floral Art—Daphne Jermyn; Cooking—Phyllis Budd; Knitting & Crochet, Professional—Kylie Harvey, Novice—Nicole Smith; Patchwork & Applique, Professional—Laurel Blackburn, Novice—Rhonda Hudson; Scrapbooking & Cardmaking—Christina Gordon; Fine Arts, Open—Jimmy Cockayne; and Photography, Novice—Megan Clark.

Most Successful awards in the junior sections went to went to Fernanda Celis; Julia McClure; Lucas Price; and Eden Cavalot (Junior Cooking);  Lucy Turner and Eden O’Hara (Junior Floral Art);  Samuel Whiteman and Mia O’Hara (Junior Craft); Zandria Kleu, Sam Turner and Elsey Myer Ryan (Junior Photography); Mia O’Hara, Rebecca Hibbert and Kobe Peatey (Junior Lego & Construction Kits); Zandria Kleu, Izzy O’Hara and Sylvie Schimann (Junior Fine Arts).

Special awards went to Harrison Riches (Excellence Award in Junior Fine Arts); and Isaac Theakston and Natalie Lynch (Jan Snelson Memorial Encouragement Award).

There were 14 displays from community and school groups with first time displays from the Home Schoolers; Girl Guides; Army Cadets; Flourish; and CentaCare.

Wool Pavilion: This year’s Wool Pavilion was dominated by Paul Evans who took out five of the seven awards.

Evans (from Tambua) won the Champion District Rams Fleece, the District Champion Fleece; Champion District Commercial Fleece; Champion Open Ram’s Fleece and the Grand Champion Fleece of the Show.

Champion Fleece Exhibited by a Junior was won by Laura Manns, Gidgee Station and her brother Darcy Manns won Champion Lambs Fleece.

Sheep Pavilion: Cobar’s Tambua and Nyngan’s Mullengudgery studs battled it out for the top honours at this year’s Cobar Show, with Tambua taking the top honours.

Tambua Poll Merino Stud took home the Champion Grassfed Ewe Hogget; Champion Housed Ewe Hogget; Champion Housed Ewe; Champion Housed Ram Hogget; Champion Housed Ram; Most Successful Exhibitor in Housed Section; Grand Champion Ram of Show; and the Grand Champion Ewe of Show; Champion Pen of 3 Wethers; Champion Pen of 3 Ewes; Champion Flock Ewe; and Most Successful in Exhibitor in Flock Section

Mullengudgery Merino Stud Nyngan won the Champion Grassfed Ram Hogget; Champion Grassfed Ram; Champion Grassfed Ewe; Most Successful Exhibitor in Grassfed Section; Reserve Champion Ram of Show; and the Reserve Champion Ewe of Show.

The Champion Commercial Value Ewes and the Champion Commercial Value Wethers awards were won by Michael Evans.

Champion March Shorn Exhibitor was won by Raby Merino Stud Warren.

Poultry Pavilion: M. Bell took the Champion of Show honour as well as Champion Hard Feather Bantam and the Reserve Champion Soft Feather Large categories.

Alisa Keighran won the Reserve Champion of Show, also taking out the Reserve Champion Hard Feather Bantam and the Champion and Reserve Champion Hard Feather Large categories.

Champion Soft Feather Large was won by John Burley with Riley Burley winning both the Junior Champion and Reserve Champion of Show.

Champion and Reserve Champion Soft Feather Bantam was won by David Cleasby.

Pet Events: The dog events at the Cobar Show only attracted a small contingent this year but those who did enter were full of enthusiasm.

Dog jumping:  Heather Christie and Hero (small dog); Katie Atherton (medium dog); Ruth Stevens with Bonnie (working dog).

Flat chat dog race: Reuben and Heather Christie with Hero (small dog); Ruth Stevens and Kurt with Bonnie (medium dog); and Corey and Kylie Trethowan with Roy (large dog).

Roy also won the Champion Pet of the Show award.

Horse events and showjumping results were not available at the time of going to print.