Shane shifts full focus to music as new single is released

Shane Josephson in his home music studio

Generally when a person retires, it’s the start of taking life a bit easier, however that’s not the case for local,  Shane Josephson, who’s planning on becoming a whole lot busier.

Shane has plans on travelling around with wife Alanna, however they won’t be touring at a leisurely pace as Shane plans to be busy performing and promoting his new single, Show the Love.

“Alanna will be my roadie, selling all the merchandise and making sure I behave myself.

“What better way to go baby booming than travelling around playing music,” Shane said.

Shane officially retired from working in the mines last week and now plans to concentrate fully on his music career. For the past six months he’s been trying to do both.

Over the past three decades Shane’s had hit songs in the Australian radio chart and has a total of 23 songs registered with APRA (which helps Australian musicians get music licences and royalties). It however has been some time since he released new music.

Now with his band Burnt Earth, and the use of new technology, Shane’s latest single, Show the Love, is out on all streaming platforms.

The new song deviates a bit from Shane’s usual style of music.

“It’s different for me with all the back up vocals and the choir sort-of sound and the brass,” Shane told The Cobar Weekly.

“I just wanted to change the style a bit.

“I mean it’s still rock and it’s still a ballad  but it’s all rolled into one now.

“And I wanted to try and get into the mainstream radio as well instead of just on the country charts.

“It’s a song that I came up with over time.

“I was watching the news one night and the whole world had gone mad, it was pretty depressing. I’ve always gone out and grabbed my guitar and played music to escape.

“It was a way to try to relax and just get away from it all. That’s how it started.

“I came up with Show the Love.

New technology meant that Shane didn’t have to get all the band together in one place to record the song.

He and drummer Ben Houlihan met up on the Central Coast for a couple of days in a studio where they worked on the brass and one of the back up vocals.

Lead guitar for the song was provided by Shane’s nephew, Taine Josephson, which he recorded in Brisbane and sent to Shane.

“We spent nearly two months mixing all the levels and getting all the sounds right,” Shane explained.

It was then mastered at 301 Studios in Sydney which ensured it could be played on radio and streaming platforms.

“It’s a bit of a long process, but it’s worth it,” Shane said.

He said making music these days is definitely easier than when he first started back in the 90s and early 2000s with Burnt Earth.

“We all had to go into the studio, we had to be spot on and go over and over the song until we got it right.

“We now don’t have all the travel costs we used to have taking five of us down to Sydney or Wagga.

“I can now do a song at home and send it away and don’t even have to leave my little studio I’ve built.”

Shane said he does however miss the days when the band used to all get together to play, record and hang out.

“I’m going to enjoy getting back out there to make people happy (or sad) and to dance.”