Services Club welcomes back a familiar face in the kitchen

The Cobar Services Club have welcomed back Chinese chef Vincent Yu to run the club’s restaurant. Vince first set up the restaurant in 1992 and ran it until 1999 before he
handed over the reins to Gary Fung. The restaurant will re-open tomorrow night and Vince hopes all of his old Cobar friends will call in and say hello.

Chef Vincent Yu, who originally set up Vince’s Chinese Restaurant at the Cobar Services Club back in 1992, has returned to take over the running of the restaurant.

Vince’s new menu will offer a range of Asian cuisines including Chinese, Thai, Malaysian and Korean food along with “Aussie food”.

Vince’s menu comes from his personal experience growing up in Hong Kong—his father was Thai and his mother Chinese and they owned restaurants.

“I learnt my cooking in my family.

“Over the years I have employed different chefs from different cultures and I also learnt from them,” Vince said.

Vince came to Australia in 1976 and began working at the Wentworthville RSL Club.

He said he was a bit of a pioneer at the time as typically there weren’t many Chinese running club restaurants back in those days.

“I then moved around to Cabramatta, then to Cobar [from 1992 to 1999] to Orange, Forbes, Parkes and [most recently] to Cowra.

“I have worked at nine clubs in my life and this one is my favourite,” Vince said of the Cobar Services Club.

“I came back because I didn’t want the restaurant to close and I love Cobar.

“Cobar is my home,” he told The Cobar Weekly.

Vince made a trip to Cobar last week to begin setting up and started food prepping earlier this week.

“Everything I make is fresh from fresh produce, no frozen stuff.

“Everything is homemade—the taste is better.”

He plans to re-open the restaurant tomorrow night.

“I will be employing all local staff,” Vince said.

Along with his extensive dinner and lunch menus, Vince is also keen to do special requests like Steam Boats and Peking Duck, meals which take a bit more preparation and for which he needs a bit of advance notice to order special ingredients.

Vince is keen to welcome back all of his old customers and lots of new ones and hopes that all will enjoy the variety he offers with his Asian/Australian menu.