Rugby Club loses out on Return and Earn rubbish

Amongst the unacceptable Return and Earn items are milk bottles, wine bottles,
sandwich containers and plastic cups. Even scrunched water bottles are rejected.

Our ‘Return and Earn’ is a service provided by the Cobar Rugby Union Club to the community of Cobar.

Club members collect bags and dispatch Cobar’s cans, plastic and glass bottles to Cleanaway for recycling.

The club pays 10 cents for each unit presented by customers in acceptable condition while the club itself receives three cents for that unit from Cleanaway.

Cleanaway will reject (at the club’s expense) any unit within the consignment if the bar code is not completely visible or is damaged, if the cans or plastic bottles are badly damaged or if the glass bottles are broken.

Cobar Rugby Club President Peter Payne said because of the narrow margin within which the club operates to make a profit, it is crucial that customers take reasonable care with each unit and give accurate figures when declaring numbers at the club collection depot.

“The club operates a regular and reliable service thanks to the volunteers who suffer the work conditions to pay you for your garbage!” Peter said.

“The regular hours means the depot can be very busy. Then the club has relied on the honesty of customers regarding the condition, acceptability and number of recyclable units.”

Peter said of late, there has been a disturbing tendency for some customers to take advantage of their busy periods and dump their “garbage” in garbage bags and boxes and inflate the unit numbers they are returning.

“All customers’ bags will now be subject to ‘spot checks’ for numbers, conditions and acceptability,” said Peter...Full story in this week’s edition of The Cobar Weekly out now!