Record price paid for Etiwanda ram

Etiwanda’s Lot 69 White Dorper ram fetched a record price at their on-property sale on Friday with the sire selling for $24,000. Pictured with the ram are Andrew, Megan, Jess and Emily Mosely with staff member Charles Callaghan (at centre), a trainee manager, who joined the Etiwanda team in March.

The Etiwanda team had great success at their on-property White Dorper Ram Sale on Friday, selling one of their rams for a record price of $24,000.
Luke Scales, Livestock Agent from Nutrien Russell, conducted the sale of 106 rams which achieved 100 per cent clearance.
Luke reports they achieved a sale record av-erage of $4,887, and the record selling price of $24,000 for Lot 69 for the “standout sire”.
The top priced ram was purchased by the Australis White Dorper Stud in conjunction with the Larwood family at Wentworth.
“This ram stood considerable inspection with three of the biggest White Dorper Studs in Aus-tralia competing for the sire,” Luke said.
Megan Mosely from the Etiwanda team said they were thrilled with the sale results.
“This ram’s top price was not only a reflec-tion of his physical attributes, but also his bal-anced ASBV’s (Australian Sheep Breeding Values), LAMBPLAN data,” Megan said.
“Targeted decision making and animal selec-tion has seen our Rangeland Ready breeding program express its potential and purpose in 2021.
“This genetic milestone, in combination with our grazing management and a great season, saw the Etiwanda rams show their full potential this year,” she said.