Promising future for local Girl Guides as membership grows

A group of nine girls made a commitment to uphold the Girl Guides Law at a special ceremony at the Girl Guide Hall last Tuesday. Pictured at the event are the new Girl Guides with their leaders Louise McKervey and Anita Neate and Cobar District Manager Cathy Manns.

The Girl Guides movement in Cobar is growing in popularity with nine new guides initiated into the Cobar unit last week during a special Promise Ceremony.

The new recruits, who range in ages from five to teenagers, made their Girl Guide promise to do their best and live by the Guide Law in front of their fellow Girl Guides, leaders, parents and special guests.

During the ceremony each girl received a Promise Badge which she will wear on her uniform.

The girls have promised to follow the Guide Law which asks them to: respect themselves and others; be considerate, honest and trustworthy; be friendly to others; make choices for a better world; use their time and abilities wisely; to be thoughtful and optimistic; and live with courage and strength.

Cobar Girl Guides leader Cathy Manns said the Promise Ceremony was a very exciting time for the girls.

“We’ve currently got 30 members which is the most we’ve had for a long time.

“We had 10 new Guides last year and welcomed another 10 this year, and I’ve also had interest from two more new members,” Mrs Manns said.

The mission of Girl Guides Australia is to help girls and young women grow into confident, self-respecting, responsible community members.

Guides offer girls the opportunity to gain leadership skills, to be become self-reliant, to enjoy the friendships of other girls and to develop a sense of well-being and self-worth.

Together the guides and their leaders will decide, plan and take part in a range of activities almost as unlimited as their imaginations.

Guides get to try a range of activities, some which they have only ever dreamed of doing.

Also as part of last week’s ceremony, one member received her Outdoor Badge while another 20 Guides received their Topaz badges.

The girls had to pass 10 challenges to achieve their Topaz badges including being able to run a game, practice making 000 emergency calls and doing a good turn.