Power outage as another storm rips through Cobar

Cobar residents sweltered on Sunday afternoon after many homes and businesses were left without power for more than an hour.

Storm activity in the area on Sunday afternoon just before 4pm included a number of lightning strikes, one of which hit Essential Energy’s power lines approximately 55km east of Cobar.

Essential Energy Regional manager Northern, Mark Summers, said for safety purposes the electricity network protection equipment activated and switched power off to 2,748 households and businesses.

“Crews responded immediately and discovered a power pole on the primary powerline servicing Cobar had fallen after being struck by lightning,” Mr Summers said.

Power was restored to 214 Cobar households and businesses by 4.32pm, 1,480 by 4.43pm, 2,433 by 5.03pm and all households and businesses by 5.06pm.

He said Essential Energy crews will make permanent repairs, including replacing the power pole, as soon as conditions in the area allow access for heavy vehicles.

The storm brought with it just over 9mm of rain and also hail.

Unplanned power outages also affected around 180 households and businesses on Saturday afternoon and a further 68 households and businesses would have noticed the power flicker momentarily at 8.24pm as electricity network protection equipment activated and then immediately restored power.