Pistol club members are proving they are top shots

Shooting action at the Cobar Amateur Pistol Club on Sunday morning. There was plenty of good scores recorded with six shooters breaking their handicaps and six shooters also scored 10s on their targets. Photo contributed

It was another successful event at the Cobar Amateur Pistol Club on Sunday morning with 12 participants attending with six shooters breaking their handicaps.

To receive a new handicap, a participant’s off pistol and current handicap needs to add up to a total of 600 or more points.

A formula is then used to calculate the new handicap.

Adnieszka Wiklendt broke her handicap again on Sunday for the second week in a row.

The scores from the day were: Jayden Cryer shot 101 off pistol, and with his handicap of 350, finished with a total score of 451; Megan Barker 257-350-607 (broken handicap); Sarah Cryer 380-193-573; John Stingemore 402-73-475; Kane Garbutt 276-350-626 (broken handicap); Lidya Kalamir 348-185-533; Mick Garbutt 497-74-571; Robert Neate 497-48-545; Eki Chan 293-350-643 (broken handicap); Agnieszka Wiklendt 375-328-703 (broken handicap); Helen Spencer 352-350-702 (broken handicap); and Jesse Andrew 397-350-747 (broken handicap).—contributed