Old mine workings could pose a danger to trespassers

A number of historic mine shafts within the Peak Gold Mines lease areas could pose a danger for trespassers. Photo contributed

Peak Gold Mines staff report they have recently seen an increase in individuals trespassing at the Great Cobar Mine.

“This area has been fenced off to ensure the safety of the community and should not be used as a recreational area,” Peak’s environment and social responsibility supervisor
Sophie Bereyne said.

“This area is highly dangerous with a number of open shafts and voids that pose a significant risk to any individual entering the area without the appropriate consent or knowledge.

“It is important to understand that the entire Cobar region is littered with historic shafts and voids which may appear to be relatively stable, however, historic mines are notorious to change for no particular reason other than time,” she said.

PGM staff conduct regular inspections of historic mine shafts within their mining leases and the mine currently has an active program aimed at getting all of the historic shafts on their lease filled and fenced.

“With our experience it takes years and a number of efforts to adequately fill shafts and even then there is a possibility subsidence will still occur,” Mrs Bereyene said.

“Peak Gold Mines takes the safety of our workforce and the community very seriously and, to help deter trespassers, CCTV has been installed throughout our active and historical operations.”

She said any footage that has captured individuals and/or groups of people has been passed on to local police for further investigation. Fencing has also been increased in the areas to further restrict access.