Number of factors force show cancellation

The Cobar Show Society has made the difficult decision to cancel this year’s Cobar Show following discussions at an extraordinary meeting on Sunday.

Cobar Show Society secretary Heather Christie said the cancellation of the Cobar
Show comes off the back of the recent announcement of the cancellation of the 2019 Bourke Show.

Ms Christie said when making their decision, the Cobar Show Society committee took into account the impact of Bourke cancelling their show would have on the Cobar Show and also the devastating effects the ongoing drought was having in the community.

“It is with much regret, and this discussion was not made lightly, that in light of the current drought, economic climate of the district and Bourke cancelling—which does have a dramatic effect on us with show rides and horse numbers—that it would be financial suicide to try and hold a show in 2019,” Ms Christie said.

“Last time Bourke cancelled we had less then half the rides and the horse section was very poor. It is a huge expense for the show rides to come out to Cobar and it will have an effect on them not having the Bourke and Cobar Show.”

Ms Christie said the committee “did not want to hold a half baked show that will run at a loss”.

“We felt running a less than substandard show would leave a nasty taste in people’s memory and, in turn, they would be less likely to attend the following show,” she said.

The committee also decided they didn’t want to put any more financial strain on local businesses in asking them to sponsor show events.

Ms Christie said they were hopeful that the traditional Showgirl event might still take place this year, however in a revised format.

Following the meeting, 2019 Cobar Showgirl competition coordinator Jasmine Whitten said she was keen to still see the showgirl competition go ahead and would look at partnering with the Bourke showgirl program helping to build some collaboration in the region.

Ms Christie said in making their decision to cancel this year’s show, a concern was raised that it might be difficult to resurrect it.

“With the 150 year celebration of Cobar in 2020 we felt that it was better to cancel this year and focus our attention on 2020.”

Since the announcement on Monday morning, Ms Christie said she has been advised that drought funding might be available to help.

She has also received an offer of help from the Showmens Guild.

The drought is one of a number of factors which has led the Cobar Show Society to consider the cancellation of this year’s Cobar Show. File photo