No fluoride in water for five years

Following a directive from NSW Health to a number of outback councils, Cobar Shire Council is notifying residents that its water supply hasn’t been fluoridated since 2019.

Council’s general manager Peter Vlatko said the new plant was built with the capacity to add fluoride to our drinking water, however this capacity has never been utilized since it came into operation almost five years ago.

“Commissioning of the new fluoride dosing plant was delayed by Department of Climate Change, Energy, Environment and Water for various reasons including training of staff and impacts of COVID,” Mr Vlatko said.

“There is now a requirement that councils tell residents within six months if there is no fluoride in the water, so we are complying with that.”

While recommended by health Professionals, given so many residents do not drink tap water, the effect on teeth from the lack of added fluoride may not be too great….Full story in this week’s edition out now!