New season of Mixed League Tag gets underway

The Cobar Concrete team were big winners in the opening round of the Mixed League Tag summer competition on Friday night.

The new season of the Cobar Rugby League Mixed League Tag competition got underway on Friday night at Tom Knight Memorial Oval.

In the opening game Cobar Concrete ran all over their All Saints opposition to easily win 8-3.

Clinton Everett 2, Scott Evans 2, Lochlan Ford 1, Kody Martin 1 and Tom Waters 2 ran in Cobar Concrete’s tries while All Saints points came from Darryl ‘Dasha’ Warren 1 and Laura Ah See 1. (Men’s tries are worth one point and ladies’ are worth two points.)

In a replay of last year’s grand final game, MEC once again finished as winners 8-2 over the Laundromat Scrubbers.

Tries for MEC were recorded by Lisa Travis 2, Aaron Davey 1, Sean Cox 1 and Bianka Jacobson 1 with the Laundromat Scrubbers’ two tries scored by Rohan Lloyd and Chris Deighton.

The Mixers young team showed plenty of pace and outplayed the Junior League side 9-1.

Tries for The Mixers were scored by Kaitlyn Byrne 1, Jacob Christie 1, Jacob Good 2, Codi Mackay 1, Reegan Mackay 1 and Henry Brookman 1 with Phil Taylor the sole try scorer for Junior League.

Tronic Sonics won their match after they received a forfeit from Earth Candy Co.