Michael doesn’t believe in sitting back and criticizing

Local businessman, Michael Prince, is one of two candidates who have nominated for
the Cobar Shire Council by-election.

Well-known local businessman Michael
Prince is one of two candidates who have
nominated for the Cobar Shire Council byelection
to be held on February 26.
Michael is a straight-talker who believes “if
you don’t get in and have a go, you shouldn’t
sit back and criticize”.
He said over the past few years he’s seen a
number of opportunities for Cobar go by and
wondered why someone hadn’t grabbed them.
“I had decided to run at the last election but
was concerned that I wouldn’t have the time,”
Michael told The Cobar Weekly.
“Since the election passed and they were one
councillor short, I thought, sitting back is not
who I am.
“Sitting back complaining doesn’t get the job
done. Getting off your butt and helping to
make decisions does.”
Michael was born and raised in Cobar and
said he doesn’t look like leaving anytime soon.
“This is our home and my wife Jill and I
have contributed to it both personally and professionally,”
he said.
After leaving school and completing a boilermaker
apprenticeship at the CSA Mine, Michael
has owned and operated his engineering
and metal fabrication business, KML Industries,
for the past 33 years.
Michael previously served as a Cobar Shire
Councillor after being elected from a group of
30 candidates at the September 1998 Local
Government elections.
He said at that time Council’s finances were
in a very precarious position.
Michael ran on a ticket of 11 candidates,
mostly made up of business people, who had a
goal to improve the efficiency of all Shire activities
and to ensure there were tighter control
measures put on Council’s budget.
“It was a tough time trying to get things done
for the town as the amount of negativity and in
-fighting among councillors made it very difficult,”
Michael recalls.
He served for one term and did not seek reelection
but returned to Council in 2020 as a
member of Council’s Economic Taskforce.
He believes the taskforce was an important
information tool for Council and would like to
see it re-instated.
With Council now in a much improved financial
position (with close to $20 million in
cash and investments), Michael believes that
it’s still important for Councillors to take a
business-minded approach to its running.
Michael believes his business experience
would be an asset to Council.
“I think the more time spent in business
makes you more aware of effective communication,
problem solving, time management and
how to get the best out of any issues faced.”
He said it was also important for Council to
get decisions made with less hesitation.
“My passion is getting things done and I
have great pleasure in getting the job done to
the best of my ability.”
Michael said if elected he looks forward to
working with the other 11 councillors to get in
and get things done.