Locals recognised for their bravery

Cobar’s Charles Mitchell (better known as Tom) and former locals Katie Abbott and Brock Lawrence have received bravery awards in the Governor General’s Australian Honours system.

The trio were recognised for their involvement in rescuing a man from his burning vehicle following an accident near Dubbo in 2014.

The accident occurred near the front of Brock and Katie’s property near Dubbo, with Mr Mitchell among the first on scene as he was travelling past the area.

The victim was trapped inside his vehicle after hitting a tree when it caught fire.

Mr Mitchell attempted to open the driver’s door but it was stuck.

Mr Lawrence and Ms Abbott arrived on scene quickly and assisted with a fire extinguisher, quelling the flames so Mr Lawrence could bend the driver’s door back for easier access.

The trio struggled to free the man, with Ms Abbott (who was heavily pregnant at the time) supplying a knife to try and free the man as the flames began to reignite.

The three eventually managed to free the man and carry him to safety, with Mr Mitchell sustaining minor burns to his hands and clothes in the incident.

The victim, suffering significant burns, survived the accident.

All three were awarded a Bravery Medal in last Thursday’s Australian Bravery Awards.