Local support for DDH during Healthy Hips Awareness Week

Local children who were diagnosed with developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) as young babies include sisters Evie and Liv Cain and cousins Lara Travis and Haidyn Davey. The girls and their mums got together at Drummond Park last Friday to join in a Healthy Hips Week awareness morning tea.

Local mum and nurse Lisa Travis had both of her daughters diagnosed with developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) when they were babies and she’s keen to make sure other mums are aware of the condition.

“DDH is where the hips are not fully correctly positioned in their sockets and kids are either born with it or develop it as the get a little bit older,” Lisa explained.

“Babies are checked at birth, at six weeks, and then at child and family health checks thereafter.”

She said there more chances of DDH occurring in breech birth babies and also for the first born female to a mother who has a family history of DDH.

She explained babies are treated with harnesses for a certain period of time which includes regular trips to orthopaedic paediatric specialists in Dubbo, Sydney or Orange.

Early treatment is vital as, if untreated, children can develop early onset arthritis and developmental orthopaedic problems.

Around the time her girls were diagnosed there were a number of other cases in Cobar and so they were able to support each other.

“We were really lucky that they’ve all breezed through it, and they are happy healthy hip kids,” Lisa said.

She said if parents have any concerns, they should see their GP or family health nurse.