Lilliane Brady Village celebrates two great achievements

The Lilliane Brady Village’s assistant director of nursing Maree Wheeler last week celebrated 25 years of service at the facility. She is pictured with director of nursing Sharon Huon, council’s general manager Peter Vlatko and human resources manager Summer Patterson at a special morning tea to mark the occasion.

Staff and residents at the Lilliane Brady Village (LBV) last week celebrated the completion of their re-accreditation audit and also the milestone 25 years service of one of their staff.

A special morning tea was held on Friday to celebrate their three years re-accreditation for the hostel section of the retirement home and also to acknowledge Maree Wheeler, LBV’s assistant director of nursing, for her 25 years of service to the aged care facility.

Cobar Shire Council’s general manager Peter Vlatko attended the morning tea and congratulated staff on their re-accreditation and also acknowledged Mrs Wheeler’s great contribution to the LBV.

Mr Vlatko praised the staff for their commitment to quality care and service to the LBV’s residents following the excellent accreditation outcome.

He said it was also very beneficial for LBV’s residents and council to have been able to have Mrs Wheeler at the LBV for the past 25 years with her long term continuity proving to be invaluable at a management level.

LBV’s director of nursing Sharon Huon said the Aged Care Quality Agency completed their two day re-accreditation audit on the hostel section of the retirement home on May 16.

“The audit process included interviewing every resident, any family members available, volunteers and visitors.

“They undertook a review of the organisational structure showing reporting links to the approved provider (Cobar Shire Council), the vision, values, philosophy, objectives and commitment to quality,” Mrs Huon explained.

“The auditors reviewed policies and procedure to ensure that systems were in place to enable ongoing quality services and care for the residents. Staff were observed and interviewed throughout the two days to ascertain if they were following the systems and had received training to enable them to meet the required outcomes for each individual resident.”

Mrs Huon said also as part of the re-accreditation process they were required to provide evidence of recent improvements across all standards and a plan for ongoing continuous improvement.

“The recommendation to the agency is that Lilliane Brady Village Hostel meets all 44 outcomes under the aged care standards,” Mrs Huon proudly reported.

“The two auditors gave very positive feedback to management and staff as well as identifying areas that may be beneficial to improving ongoing quality care and lifestyle for the residents of the Hostel.”

Mrs Huon said the nursing home section is scheduled for reaccreditation next year.