Kubby House’s situation is now “very desperate”

Despite the Kubby House Child Care Centre receiving a raft of community sup-port to help keep Cobar’s long daycare centre open for business, their situation this week is “very desperate”.
The 29-place centre, which is the main provider of childcare in Cobar, has been struggling to continue to operate following the resignation of the centre’s director at the end of last month.
The centre currently provides long daycare for 49 children each week with a further 38 children still on their waiting list for care.
Kubby’s management committee has also been in the process of rebuilding and over the past fortnight and has made a substantial effort to ensure the centre will remain viable.
Kubby’s new president Bonnie Fullagar said their situation is “very desperate”.
She said the centre may have to close if a new director is not recruited soon.
“Currently Kubby doesn’t have enough staff and responsible persons to get us through until the Christmas break.
“We hope a new director will be recruited as soon as possible and will be able to hit the ground running,” Mrs Fullagar said.
The committee had reached out to the com-munity for help and recently met with representatives of CSA Mine, Peak Gold Mines and Cobar Shire Council, three of the town’s main employers.
All have offered support in various ways.
Endeavor Mine has also come to their aid and offered a house, rent free for 12 months, for Kubby’s new director.
“Despite these difficult circumstances, our current staff are doing an amazing job of caring for the children and keeping the centre operational,” Mrs Fullagar said.
The committee has appealed to any locals with childcare qualifications, even if they can only work on a casual basis, to come forward to help until a new Director and another Educator are recruited.
Mrs Fullagar said ongoing the committee is fully supportive of the staff achieving higher childcare qualifications.