Kubby gets off to a positive start in new year

While there were a few tears from kids (and parents) when they returned to care at Kubby House last week, there were however lots of smiles. Pictured are staff members Sandie Mitchell (with 16 month old Mia Collinson), Kristy Neate, Tracey Bowman (who has been appointed as the centre’s leader for the next 12 months) and Joanna Mulcahy (with 11 month old Charlie Simon).

The Kubby House child care centre has gotten off to a positive start this year with a number of new staff coming on board under the direction of early childhood teacher, Tracey Bowman.

Mrs Bowman, who joined the Kubby House staff at the end of last year on a casual basis, has been appointed to the centre leader’s position for the next 12 months.

Mrs Bowman is early childhood/special education trained with over 20 years of experience.

She’s previously worked in preschools, daycare centres and also in the area of early intervention education.

She has also taught Childcare Certificate III and Diploma courses with registered training organisations.

“I have been around a bit,” Mrs Bowman told The Cobar Weekly on Monday.

“I still don’t think I know everything, but I think with the team we’ve got we will work really well together.”

Mrs Bowman said the recent addition of  Joanna Mulcahy as the new 0-3 years room leader will be a big boost as Joanna comes to the centre with lots of experience.

Kristy Neate has also joined the Kubby House team this year along with Mel Wass.

The pair will be working with the centre’s 3-5 year olds.

Mrs Bowman said their first priority this year was to get stablised after the centre experienced a great deal of turmoil at the end of last year when the centre’s director resigned in October which was then followed by the resignations of more staff.

Tracey said the staff got a head-start on the new year having gone back a week early to get organised before the children returned last week.

Mrs Bowman said that gave them time to make a few changes and make sure that all of the staff are confident in their roles.

She said they aim to get more parents involved in the centre’s curriculum this year.

Mrs Bowman also hopes the centre will soon be back to opening longer hours and return to their full capacity of 31 places.

“We’ve currently got 29 and we have a really long waiting list,” Mrs Bowman said.