Keen tourist is riding 2,500km from Adelaide to Cairns

Touring cyclist, Andrea Trivellato, has French philosopher Henry Laborit’s quote: “In
times like this, escape is the only way to stay alive and to continue dreaming” on his bike.
Andrea is currently “escaping” on his bike and riding from Adelaide to Cairns.

While pushbikes are a common form of
transport used all around Europe, in Australia
riding a pushbike on a 2,500km journey
from Adelaide to Cairns is not many
people’s preferred method of transport.
That however is the plan of 34 year old,
Italian-born Andrea Trivellato, who passed
through Cobar last week.
Andrea, who left Adelaide on May 16, plans
to ride 2503 km North to Cairns.
He stopped in Cobar last week for two days
to rest up after riding the leg from Broken
Hill to Cobar.
“I like travelling and I like cycling so I decided
to follow the Murray River all the way
to Mildura, then onto Broken Hill and then
here to Cobar with some tail wind to help me
a little bit!” Andrea told The Cobar Weekly.
“I know it’s only early into my journey, and
Broken Hill was a lovely town to visit but
Cobar, and visiting the Sound Chapel here,
has been my favourite thing so far.
“It is unusual. I really liked it and would
have liked to spend more time there although
it is colder here than I anticipated!” he said.
Andrea however has received a warm welcome
in Cobar with locals stopping to chat
and curious to know his story.
One helpful member of the community recommended
Andrea visit the Cobar Men’s
Shed where they helped him out with some
spare parts for his bike.
“I have lost a couple of spokes along the
way and had a few punctures.
“I will always try to carry some spare parts
if I can get them along the way.”
Andrea does have an itinerary of sorts for
his trip.
“I do have a plan and time frame I am working
towards of course but I really have to
work with the elements.
“The weather is a big factor,” Andrea said.
“I don’t travel in the rain if I can help it and
I will stay put longer if I need to but sometimes
I do get stuck in the rain.
“The predictions are not always right.”
He said he doesn’t risk riding before dawn
or after dark as it can be quite dangerous with
vehicles on the road.
“I’ve met a few characters on my travels so
far and I look forward to crossing the Queensland
border and later travelling through the
Atherton Tablelands.
“It is a very beautiful part of this country
but there are lots of hills which will be a challenge,”
he said.