Kamikaze Pilots downed Team Baz

Kamikaze Pilots took down Team Baz in spectacular fashion in last Tuesday night’s Squalleyball final at the youth centre.

Both teams were vying for the coveted grand final spot but it was the Kamikaze Pilots who came out as the overall winners in Tuesday’s pre-played match.

The first game was a white wash with Kamikaze Pilots winning convincingly, 21-12.

Team Baz battled their way back in the second encounter, winning their only game for the night, 21-18.

The Kamikaze Pilots showed Team Baz how it’s done and dominated the next two games, winning 21-13 and 21-17.

Team Baz fought hard till the end, narrowly going down 20-22 in the last rally.

Tomorrow night’s grand final will see last year’s competition winners, Kamikaze Pilots, take on BNB.