Hypnotist captivates Cobar audience

Comedy hypnotist Rob Young entertained a “captive” crowd at the Cobar
Bowling & Golf Club on Friday night. Rob (pictured above with the “stars” of his show) mesmerised his audience as a dozen volunteers quickly fell under his spell.

Hypnotist Rob Young held his crowd captive at the Cobar Bowling & Golf Club on Friday night and turned a dozen Cobar residents into the stars of his comedy show.

For the past 15 years, Rob has been using subconscious programming to help people to stop smoking and lose weight through hypnotherapy.

Six years ago he started doing comedy hypnotist performances.

“I thought there’s not that many people doing it and I also have a bit of a performance background.

“So I gave it a go and it just sort of took off,” Rob said.

After he completed a psychology degree, Rob later honed his hypnotherapy skills when he was working in the corporate sector.

“I was getting a bit stressed so I went to a hypnotherapist and I thought this is very effective so I wanted to learn more about it.

“I really enjoyed it and started doing it myself.”

He began doing comedy shows while living in New Zealand and he has also done plenty of shows in Australia.

Rob said the number of people who allow themselves to be hypnotized during his shows varies from about six to 10.

He was pleased that 12 of his Cobar volunteers succumbed to his suggestions.

Rob explained hypnosis is a bit like being in a dream-like state.

“Anything that I suggest to them is vivid and real.”

As people can’t be hypnotized to do something against their will, Rob said it is their choice to do what he suggests or they can choose not to do something that makes them feel uncomfortable or against their ethics, such as smoking.

Rob said hypnosis assists to “amplify” their personalities which helps to make for a great comedy show!