Housing support coming to Cobar

The DCJ Housing NSW Mobile Support Team will be in Cobar next week to provide support and services to assist Cobar residents in finding accommodation.

Narelle Whitney, a Senior Specialist with the Mobile Outreach Unit said the team can assist Cobar residents with any social or government housing questions they may have.

They can also assist clients with lodging their housing applications online and also check on any applications that have already been made.

Ms Whitney said the team is able to provide information on a wide range of housing issues and can also provide information about what help is available for private rentals.

“The team will also have self-service kiosks for you to use on your own if you want to check something online or upload paperwork,” she said.

The mobile outreach service will bring information on services such as Rent Choice and Bond Loans, as well as access to housing support.

The mobile patrol will also connect with existing service providers in each area, such as specialist homelessness services, to build stronger relationships.

Funding for the outreach program was announced in August last year with Cobar included as one of 20 communities in the Far West region earmarked to benefit from it.

The program aims to help anyone at risk of being homeless to realise that help is at hand and it will provide meaningful advice and options to people to hopefully ensure they are able to put a roof over their heads.

Cobar was identified in need of the service as there is currently no Department of Communities and Justice office in Cobar.

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