History made at pistol club event

After the rain during the week, and with a fine, sunny day on Sunday, shooters came out of the wood work for the Cobar Amateur Pistol Club’s 25 Metre Centrefire/Sports Pistol event.
Under the guidance of Merv O’Brien who was the Range Officer for the day, a first in recent club history occurred on the range. Due to the number of competitors for the event and there not being enough pistols for every shooter, the event was shot in two sections.
The record for the day, which will go down in the club’s history books, was the effort of newcomer Isaac Kershaw. He shot the event twice, once in each of the sections and, in doing so, broke his handicap on his first try and then subsequently broke his new handicap an hour later in the second section.
The Wizard Award for the Centrefire/ Sports Pistol event went to Kershaw who was 38 points ahead of another newcomer, Ricki Wilkins. Nathan Ratcliffe finished in third place.
In addition to Kershaw breaking his handicap twice, Wilkins, Jake Mitchell, Daniel Irvine and Ratcliffe also broke their handicaps on Sunday.
The Off pistol Award was won by Mick Garbutt by 52 points from John Stingemore, with Chris Johnson 27 points further back.
The scores from the day were: Kershaw shot 336 and with a handicap of 350, finished with a total of 686 (and new handicap of 238);  Wilkins 298-350-648 (new H/Cap 272); Ratcliff 367-274-641 (new H/Cap 210); Kershaw (second attempt) 375-238-615 (new H/Cap  203); Jake Mitchell 378-232-610 (new H/Cap 200); Irvine 253-350-603 (new H/Cap 313); Irvine (second attempt) 277-313-590;  Chris Driver 307-279-586; Ratcliff 302-274-576; Johnson 414-132-546; John  Stingemore 441-80-521; Driver (second attempt) 206-279-  485; Garbutt 493-90-583; Chris Mann 222-253-475; and Lloyd Mitchell 250-219-469.