Have you spotted the Newey rock art?

Mysterious rock art designs have been popping up at the Newey over the past few weeks which has gotten locals talking and looking for more.
The Cobar Weekly has tracked down the mystery artist and found out what inspired her to create 16 wonderful artworks made of rocks, sticks and leaves.
She said beautiful weather over the school holidays and seeing water in the Newey and lots of native animals, plants and insects around since the rain encouraged her to create her temporary art.
“I have always seen art in nature and thought it would be an idea,” she said.
The artist also said she’d noticed plenty of foot and bike traffic at the Newey with lots of people taking the time to get out of the house and exercise at the Newey.
“I thought it might be something for people/family groups with children that I had seen out and about there to engage with.
“It could be something for them to do while they walked and talked, something for children to wonder about and seek out.
“It might encourage them to return and ultimately to have a go at it themselves and that is what has happened to some extent”.
The artist said she took her ideas directly from the environment.
“A couple of mandala patterns using sticks, leaves, rocks and then the most common animal at the Newey recently – turtles.
“Then there were the masses of butterflies around; we had seen an echidna there and a blue tongued lizard; fish are in the Newey and then there is the pelican that frequently visits,” she said.
There’s also a couple of happy smiling rock faces to peer at you as you travel along the Newey walking path.
“I really expect them not to last too long; it’s a
constantly changing environment considering weather, native animals, dogs, human impact 
and this is only a fleeting moment within that environment; hopefully the idea will be remembered by some
and maybe taken and used elsewhere and
even continued at the Newey,” the artist
A photograph of each creation is taken by the artist so that they aren’t lost forever.
“It was a lot of fun trying to complete it and not get caught as there were so many people out and about!”
And while she’s had to go back to work at her day job, the artist still plans to create some more rock art on weekends.
We wonder if she’ll get caught and found out.