Fugar bags the bulk of Yabbies’ points

Former Yabbies point score club champion Bill Fugar, who has been relatively quiet this season, placed in all four events of last week’s Senior Men’s Swimming Club competition.

Fugar won the 100 metres and brace relay events and also finished third in both the 30m and 50m handicap events to add a total of 17 points to this season’s points tally.

Fugar won the 100m with a time of 0.31 seconds off his nominated time.

Greg Dimond was second (0.50) and Bob Clark third (0.60).

Dimond narrowly won the 30m event with a time of 0.15 seconds off his nominated time.

He just pipped Trevor Menadue for the win with Menadue recording 0.16. Fugar was third (0.31).

Fugar was 0.32 seconds off his time in the 50m swim behind Murray Harland, who swam spot on his time to win.

Stephen Clark was also just off his nominated time (0.03) in second place.

Fugar’s last podium placing of the night was in the Brace Relay novelty event where he teamed up with Luke Quintal to win with a time of 0.97 seconds off their time.

In second were Scott Toomey and Stephen Clark on 1.25sec with Doug Rorke and Chris Powell back in third place on 1.50sec.