Film crew to visit

A Sydney film crew will be filming in and around Cobar this weekend as part of a council project to encourage people to move to Cobar.

Cobar Shire Council’s director of corporate and community services Angela Shepherd told The Cobar Weekly council has received State Government funding to help attract new residents to town.

Ms Shepherd said the grant will fund a marketing video which showcases what life in Cobar is like, plus a series of short videos focusing on different areas including education, health, sporting and recreational facilities.

A marketing brochure will also be created to accompany the video.

“The mines are also supporting the project,” Ms Shepherd said.

“They provided us with information on what stops potential employees taking jobs with them and moving to Cobar.”

She said the mines and other businesses in town looking to recruit staff can refer their potential employees to the videos to give them an idea of what Cobar has to offer.

The Sydney film company, Eagle Productions, will be in Cobar from Friday to Tuesday and will filming all around Cobar.

They will be collecting footage at the Festival of the Miner’s Ghost as well as shooting in the main street, at cafes, the gym, the pool and at various sporting and other functions over the weekend.